Briefly answer the following:

1. Go to Illustration Capsule 9.1 Many of Apple’s Suppliers Flunk the Ethics Test in your textbook. Do Apple’s actions indicate that their position on business ethics is aligned with the principle of ethical universalism?

2. Go to Illustration Capsule 9.2, Investment Fraud at Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities and Stanford Financial Group in your textbook. What drivers for unethical behavior are evident in reviewing the actions of Bernard Madoff and the managers of the Stanford Financial Group?

3. Go to Illustration Capsule 9.3, How General Electric’s Top Management Built a Culture That Fuses High Performance with High Integrity in your textbook. In what way do the ethics policies at General Electric recognize and address the possible challenges of maintaining a high standard of ethical behavior?

4. Go to Illustration Capsule 9.4 John Deere’s Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility in your textbook. What socially beneficial activities does John Deere elect to support, and how does this shape its CSR strategy?

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