Metabolic Syndrome Essay Dissertation Help

  • Background of Metabolic syndrome
  • Case sinario with answer
  • Definition of Metabolic syndrome
  • Other names of metabolic syndrome & why.
  • Epidemiology of metabolic syndrome worldwide & in Saudi Arabia particularly.
  • Criteria of Metabolic syndrome (NCEP ATPIII, IDF, ….)
  • Pathophysiology of Metabolic syndrome
  • Effects of this syndrome on body + signs & symptoms of this syndrome.
  • Risk factors of this syndrome.
  • How to approach patient suspected to have metabolic syndrome (including history, physical examination, investigations) .
  • Management of metabolic syndrome (non pharmacological + Pharmacological) + Medication.
  • Prevention of metabolic syndrome + prognosis.
  • If there is evidence based medicine research finding which is interesting.
  • Differential diagnosis of this syndrome.
  • If there are empty slides you can add some multiple question mark cases with their explanations.

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