Marriage Therapy Essay Dissertation Help

I have a particular interest in marriage therapy.

Your post must be substantial and thoughtful and be a minimum of 250 words.

Select a website that has relevance to this course and provide an informal web critique that includes a summary of the content provided on the website, your interpretation of the strengths and limitations of the site as well as how this information integrates into the coursework. You may use the Websites listed under the Web Resources, which is located under the Supplemental References and Readings of the course Resources section of your syllabi or any other related website that you choose.
List of possible websites:American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT):

American Counseling Association:

American Psychological Association:

Behavior Online:

Board of Behavioral Sciences:

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists:

Clinical Psychology Resources:

Mental Health Association in CA:

Mental Health Net:

National Associate of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists:

National Association of Social Workers (NASW):

National Organization for Human Service:

Psych Web:

Psychology Online Resource Central:

Psychology Research on the Net:

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