Marketing Essay

Visit the Malcolm Baldridge Award Website published by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce:

Choose an organization that won the Malcolm Baldrige Award within the past 10 years. Review the “company profile” and “award application summary.” Visit the organizations website and conduct additional research on the organization using KU library resources.

Download and use the APA style template for this Assignment. Write a 2–3 page persuasive essay using APA format and citation style by responding to all of the following.


  1. Describe the organization’s product mix, including its depth and width.
  2. Discuss the major elements of the organization’s brand.
  3. Identify the types of services offered by the organization and discuss how the four unique service characteristics (Intangibility, Inseparability, Heterogeneity, and Perishability) apply to these services.
  4. Describe the company’s dedication to service quality by evaluating the five components of service quality (Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy, and Tangibles).

Make sure your paper includes all of the following:

  • Responses to the numbered checklist items above;
  • Your original response in Standard English, paying special attention to grammar, style and mechanics;
  • A viewpoint and purpose that are clearly stated;
  • Logical and appropriate transitions from one idea to another;
  • Highly organized, logical and focused ideas;
  • Citations and references should follow APA guidelines. The references should not include Wikipedia, personal blogs, or personal website material.
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