Marketing 5

The Plan Comes Together

Not all of the elements of the situation analysis can be accounted for during the strategy development process. 

Presentation Script

Throughout the class, you have analyzed many aspects of your company. Now you will put it all together in a presentation format. Your presentation will provide a comprehensive look at the marketing plan for your company’s product. You are permitted to use sections from earlier assignments in the course to develop the presentation. Include the following:

  • Create a script to accompany the presentation. It should be informative and targeted to a professional clientele. 

This part of the Individual Project should be at least 2–3 pages in length (single-spaced).

PowerPoint Presentation

Complete the following:

  • Create a professional PowerPoint slideshow. You will be assessed on the design of the presentation (including colors, backgrounds, professionalism, font, and graphics). Optional content includes sound, videos, and animation.
  • Write a script in a Word document 

This part of the Individual Project should be at least 12 slides (body of presentation).

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