marketing 2950412 2

“Marketing Channels” Please respond to the following:

  • Upload a picture of yourself with your favorite product. If you are unable to upload a picture of yourself with your favorite product, upload an image of your favorite product. Describe the marketing channels and process that is used to distribute this product to you and other consumers. Note: You can choose to respond to this post in the traditional written manner, or you may upload a video discussion response instead.

For this week’s discussion be sure to:

  • Incorporate terms / information from Chapter 14 in the textbook.
  • Comment on at least one (1) of your peers’ posts.

For Fun: Rate the quality of the posts provided by your peers by clicking on the stars in the upper right hand corner of their posts (5 stars is your highest rating, and 1 star is your lowest rating). What a great way to support your classmates!!

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