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1. Write a comprehensive business plan for a new organization to be known as “Maritime Experts Association of Liberia (MEAL), LLC”.. In the plan, please include all necessary factors such as business overview, your competitors, their skills and prices, your target market, your unique selling proposition and core competencies, your prices, your financial plans, your marketing plans, your funding sources, the threats and opportunities in your country’s shipping industry, and your exit strategy. Please also compile a list of Liberia maritime graduates from:
A). World Maritime University (WMU), Sweden
B). California Maritime Academy (CMA), United States
C). Maine Maritime Academy (MMA), United States
D). Massachusetts Maritime Academy(MMA), United States
E. Arab Maritime Academy (AMA), Egypt
F. Regional Maritime University (RMU), Ghana
The graduates from these institutions will be reserved for possible maritime related positions in Liberia. Furthermore, this will help the government of Liberia to appoint qualified candidates to maritime related positions.

2. Write by-laws for this new organization, and
3. Write an Articles of incorporation for this organization

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