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discussion 12

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SOC1031. Assignment 12. Managing Globalization Flows, Finance, People
See the syllabus for due dates and required readings. This assignment will be graded using the discussion participation rubric.
Your CEO has one last assignment for you before summer vacation. He plans to spend his vacation planning long-term strategy for your organization and would like you to
prepare the following material.
1. Go to:

a. Note that while government and non-profits are not listed you can still:
a1. select the sector that is most related to your organization and
a2. describe why you have selected this sector.
a3. For 2016 list the top ten companies in this sector for 2016. For example, for the aerospace and defense sector these would start with Boeing (61) and end with B&E
Systems (415). I chose this sector because no student has selected companies in this sector. Your companies will of course be different.
a4. Show what rank each of these companies had in 1995 and 2016. For example Boeing (116->61), B&E Systems(344->415)
If a company was not on the list in 1995 mark it NA (Not available). For example, China South Industries (NA->102)

a5. Your CEO believes that the largest corporations have tremendous financial, human, and technological resources that make it impossible for competitors to compete.
How would you reply to him using the information you have gathered above?

a6. Comparing the data collected in a4 above with Mapping the Global 500 how do you believe globalization will affect competition that your organization will face in
the next ten years?

a7. Using the required reading, supplementary readings, and your original research discuss two reasons for the changes you have described in part a.

2. Organizational structure makes conflict within organizations inevitable if only because different corporate functions have different cultures and value systems. For
example, design engineers want a technically perfect product, production engineers want a product that can be produced at minimum cost in materials and labor,
marketing wants a product that customers will buy, etc.

Using the required reading, supplementary readings, and your original research discuss the consequences of the financial department assuming a dominant corporate role.
3. During the early period of global industry the motto was “trade follows the flag,” in other words military power and conquest preceded trade. Today, there is an
assumption that military power is largely based on global trade or in other wards “the flag follows trade.” Using the required reading, supplementary readings, and
your original research discuss these two contradictory theories for any TWO of the following nations.
Great Britain, China, North Korea, Germany, Russia, The United States.

Nation 1

3a1 Trade follows the flag.

3a2. The flag follows trade.

Nation 2

3b1. Trade follows the flag

3b2. The Flag follows trade.
4. Since the publication of the text we have seen a populist movement against globalization, and the redefinition of social class as those who profit from
globalization gain at the expense of those who do not.

At the same time we seen widening divisions among nations themselves as globalization produces winners and losers among nations as well as among classes within those

Using the required reading, supplementary readings, and your original research:

4a. Select one class conflict or one national conflict caused by globalization

4b. Using the required reading, supplementary readings, and your original research discuss this conflict in terms of:
– structural functionalism

– conflict theory

– symbolic interaction

4c. How could this conflict be resolved?

The following are required but will not be graded.

5. This is the first time I have used this textbook. Should I continue to use this textbook? If not, why not?

6. Briefly describe what you have gained from this course and how it will help you in your chosen career.

7. How could this course be improved?


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