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Charles is an Entrepreneur; he would like to set up his Project Management Company in the current UK business environment, he has been advised to speak to a management consultant on how best to
start up an organisation. Although he has a few ideas about starting up there are some questions he would like you as his consultant to answer.

You are required to Assist Charles with the creation of a new organisation within the Project
Management industry.
Task 1 (300 words)
A. Explain three different types of Organisational structure Highlighting advantages and the limitations of each, Choose 1 for Charles.

Task 2 (400)
A. Define modern/contemporary management?
B. Explain the 4 management functions; discuss leadership styles and recommend 1 for

Task 3 (400)
A. Identify the most appropriate Organisational culture for Charles organisation, compare and contrast with other organisational cultures.

B. Define perception and explain how the idea of perception fits into the Organisational

Task 4 (500)
A. You are required to outline the strategic Objective of this Organisation;
What are the areas he should focus on what is Priority in creating a successful organisation in this current UK business environment. (looking at everything from organisational Objectives to
management function, organisations culture, perception of the organisation in the current UK environment).
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