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Macy?s Marketing Strategies Part II – Traditional Strategies Propose a marketing strategy for all pieces of Macy?s marketing mix. In a 3 – 4 page APA style paper, detail your proposed marketing plan
For Macy?s that includes strategies for product, promotion, pricing and distribution for your company. Address the following points.

• Describe in detail the promotion strategies and approaches you would advise the company use. What values do you want potential customers to associate with your business, and how will they set
you apart from the competition?
• Identify products and/or services that should be added, changed or highlighted in the marketing mix. What mix of products and services will you sell and how does it best meet customer needs? How
does it compare to your competitors?

• Describe in detail distribution strategies you would advise the company to use. • Identify needed pricing changes and strategies. How will you price your products/services relative to
competitors, and what impact will that have on your volume of sales? Base the justification/rationale for your recommendations on data gathered in previous weeks. Include at least 5 new sources.

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