Lucky Brand Jeans

choose one ads that oyu can do it and create it and write me an explanation of it

You are now ready to produce the creative execution. The creative execution tells promotion executives how the message will be executed in the advertising campaign.




Traditional Media


Each team should create 2 print ads for their brand. The ideas for your print ads should be original.


1.    The first ad should be a product advertisement from your trend forecast.


2.    The second ad should be an awareness advertisement promotion an aspect of social responsibility (from Ch. 4) that your brand supports.






Prior to execution, each team member should develop several thumbnails for each advertisement. Layout is the physical arrangement of the various parts of the advertising message. The layout shows where each part (headline, logo, subhead, etc.) will be placed in the message. Thumbnail sketches are used to explore layout options. They are quick, unpolished, simple layouts that allow designers to try out a variety of alternative versions of the idea before selecting the best idea.




From the complete group of thumbnails, each team should choose the thumbnails that best represent their creative strategy and should be developed into final advertisements (comprehensive layouts).




Comprehensive Layout


You will need to create a comprehensive layout for each of the 2 ads. The comprehensive layout is the exact layout of the advertisement. Each developed advertisement should be mounted on (separate) black foam boards with a 2-inch margin on all sides.




Summary for the Traditional Media Component: Each team member creates thumbnails for 2 ads: product ad and awareness ad. The team then chooses the thumbnails that best represent your creative strategy and creates the 2 comprehensive layouts (final ads). You will turn in all thumbnails and comprehensive layouts.
















(See next page)


New Media


Each team also needs to create 2 digital content messages. These may include Web display ads, social media advertising (FB, Instagram, etc.), smartphone applications, digital sales promotion, or other new media that would be effective in promoting your brand to the identified target market.



Whichever options you choose, make sure you follow the requirements (sizing, pixels, etc.) for that particular digital content message. For example, if you decide to place a paid ad on Facebook, you will need to follow the guidelines that Facebook has for creating the ad: ( The same thing would apply for Google, Instagram, etc. If you decide to create a banner ad, make sure you follow the pixel sizing of typical banner ads (see p. 213 in textbook).

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