lmu interested student scholastic performance administration will hire new advisor help stud

LMU is interested in student scholastic performance. The administration will hire a new advisor to help students learn more effectively. Those in charge wonder if the advisor should initially help men or women. A study was requested to determine the difference in grade point average between the men and women attending LMU. Our MLS270 class was designated as the sample to determine if a true difference existed. Results will be used to decide who should first receive assistance. Answer the following statements and questions. Use the posted answer form to record your responses to items 1-5. 1. Write the null hypothesis for this study. 2. Write an alternative/research hypothesis for this study. 2. Name the statistical test most appropriate for this study 3. Should a dependent or independent test be used? 4. How many tails should the test statistic involve? 5. What probability should be used to test for significance? Why? Provide the missing values in the following table. Use the t-test table posted in the Resources tab to determine your answers. Record your responses in the answer form for items 6-10. # df Probability (p) ? Tails Critical Value 6 11 15% ? 1 7 14 10% ? 2 8 22 5% ? 2.074 9 25 1 ? 2.485 10 1% 2 4.082
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