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Lifestyle TV programme Production Log
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we were assigned to do a production log of a lifestyle programme of our choice. It is a 30 minute lifestyle television which would be aired on channel 4 on Friday evenings at 8:30 in September
2017. My group and I chose to do a game show, and its idea revolves around making a nice gift for a person in which the contestants want to say ‘Thank you’ to. the contestants will join the show
and each has a story to tell about the reason that made them want to make an amazing gift and give it to that person who changed their lives. The programme provide an 800 GBP for each contestant
and they are asked to go and buy the gift and everything needed for decorating it. However, the episode will show the process of the making of the gift, and people will be voting through Twitter
for the nicest gift to win. The winner will have a dinner voucher for 2 people in a fancy restaurant, in which he can give the gift.

There are two questions that are needed to be answered in terms of this programme:

1- An analysis of comparative lifestyle television examples (in the UK) and what relationship your programme has to them? (This may contain historical analysis)

2- An analysis of contemporary lifestyle television scheduling in the wider television environment – and how your decisions about programme content are affected by your schedule slot? (why
September? why Friday evenings 8:30?)

Recommended reading from the coursework:

Bury, Rhiannon and Li, Johnson (2015) ‘is it live or is it time-shifted, streamed or downloaded? Watching Television in the era of multiple screens’ in New Media and Society 17(4): 592-610

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