legal structure of company

1st page: Milestone 3 has two parts but are combined into one project. In Part A you should discuss the legal structure of your company (is it a sole proprietorship, a corporation, a LLC, etc.) and why. Then, in Part B imagine that the bank approved you for the $2,000,000 loan to start your business. Prepare a budget sheet to show how you would use this money. Remember you must think about where your business will be housed, as well as other expenses (owned or rented property, utilities, equipment needs, inventory, supplies, overhead and employees). Thinking about a typical income statement and balance sheet can help guide you identify items you will need to cover in your budget.

2nd and 3rd page: An executive summary, while written last, is the first part of a business plan. This document is what the executives will read to determine if the business plan has merit and may determine whether or not they will read the entire business plan. The executive summary covers all the key points of the business plan.

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