leaders argument paper

I need two double spaced page with APA style.

What makes a good leader? What type of leader are you?

In minimum 2 pages discuss what makes an effective leader? This is an argument style paper so you must make claims, create reasons and examples for your claims, and support with evidence. You should use learning materials from this course to support your ideas. You may also use outside sources. To determine what type of leader you are, I strongly encourage you to take the quiz posted in the leadership module learning materials. This is an APA style paper, but you should not have a title page or abstract. Please use the header to put your name.

Grammar & Writing Style (Up to 10 Points)-Your paper should use Active voice, and direct concise writing style. It should be free of typos and grammatical errors.

APA( Up to 10 points)-Are your arguments properly cited and include a reference page?

Argument Style (Up to 10 points)-Does each paragraph have a main idea, reasons/examples, and evidence to support your ideas?

Leadership (up to 20 points)-Does your paper show your understanding of leadership, leadership effectiveness, and leadership effect on groups? Have you identified your own leadership style?

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