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The amount of solar radiation (in Watts per square meter) incident on the top of the atmosphere at local noon is given as a function of latitude in the table below. for June 22 and December 22.
Table 2.1
Latitude June 22 December 22 0° 1256 1256 10° 1332 1142 20° 1367 994 30° 1361 815 40° 1314 611 50° 1226 389 60° 1101 155 70° 943 80° 756 90° 546 On graph paper. plot the amount of radiation
received on June 22 and December 22 as a function of latitude (plot both curves on the same sheet). Plot latitude along the x-axis and amount of radiation along the y-axis. You may use a graphing
program such as Microsoft Excel if you like. (Be sure to label your axes with the proper variables and units.)
At what latitude does the amount of radiation vary the least from winter to summer? At what latitude does the amount of radiation vary the most from winter to summer?
Based solely on this radiation information. at what latitude would you expect the largest temperature swing from winter to summer? At what latitude would you expect the smallest temperature swing
from winter to summer?
In this activity. the map in Figure 2.3 shows air temperatures. in degrees Fahrenheit. over a portion of the United States (time: 2000Z: date: 27 Dec 2004).
Table 2.2 below shows the relationship of the “average” air temperature (in units of degrees Celsius) as a function of air pressure (in units of millibars).
Table 2.2 Air Temperature as a Function of Air Pressure
Air Pressure (mb) Air

• , Temperature (°C) Air Temperature (K) Air Temperature (°F)
1013 15.0 1000 14.2 900 8.6 850 5.5 700 -4.6 500 -21.3 400 -31.8 300 -44.5 226 -56.5 200 -56.5 150 -56.5 100 -56.5 Complete the rest of the table by converting temperature values from °C to K, and
from °C to °F.

In the graph , plot the average air temperature as a function of air pressure.
Based on your plotted graph, at what pressure level is the tropopause located? Explain how you came to your conclusion. (The tropopause is the boundary between the troposphere and the
1 Does your plotted graph represent weather or climate? Explain your reasoning.

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