write a 3000 word paper on Rodriguez v Colorado.  The paper should advocate for an outcome in the case, either for the plaintiff or the defendant.


** please do not use outside sources** only government articles and united states articles from government website***


please see attached article in regards to the case the paper must about.


In advocating for either the plaintiff or defendant, you will need to include all of the following:

  • A proposed outcome to the case
  • An explanation of the relevant facts of the case
  • An explanation of why you propose the outcome you do
  • Argument in favor of that explanation
  • Explanations of why you do not propose other possible outcomes


In other words, you should approach this paper as similar to a judicial opinion; you want to take a side, explain why you take that side, and persuade the reader that your side is right.


Some miscellaneous guidelines:

  • Any claim that comes from somewhere else (besides my lectures) should be cited.  You are welcome to cite any case, law, or piece that we’ve read in this class.  Clear any other citations with me.
  • You are welcome to use any citation method you want, as long as I can follow it.  I strongly encourage using a bibliographic manager (e.g. Zotero, Endnote, &c.).
  • 3000 words is usually about 10 double-spaced pages of 12-point text in a normal font with normal margins.


  • You are being evaluated primarily on the quality of your argument.  Readability is a secondary concern, but not a tertiary one.
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