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MODULE NAME American Studies II: Media and Public Health in America
Module Description
Public health is a broad field employing many different types of professionals all with the goal of preventing illness and disability while improving quality of life. Public health typically takes more of a population based approach vs. the one-on-one approach found in clinical practice. The purpose of this course is to present a variety of public health issues that exist in the USA from the public health perspective and to examine how selected media can intentionally or unintentionally be used to impact public health in both positive and negative ways. Media examined will include popular movies, documentaries, advertisements/public service messages, and social media. The major focus will be on United States Public Health issues, but many of the issues presented have implications beyond the US. Each class period will focus on a different public health issue and will require the viewing of at least one piece of media and reading selected articles related to that topic. In class discussions will focus on the moral, ethical, cultural, legal, political, economic, and philosophical issues related to selected media and public health.

1. The way media in the United States has portrayed the use of tobacco and tobacco products has evolved significantly since the 1930s/40’s (look specifically at advertisements and movies). Make a case that media has either had a significant role in supporting tobacco use and has had a negative impact on public health in the USA OR that media has had a major role in reducing tobacco use and has had a positive impact on public health in the USA. Build your case and support your stance in the essay you develop.

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