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Journal / News Article Reports: [20 points]
One (1) written summary of and reactions to peer-reviewed journal articles or news articles from secondary sources is required. No Wikipedia writings or Blogs. The intent of this assignment is to impress on you the numerous health care related topics in the current literature and news. You should focus your article selection on any aspect of the health care system.
Stipulations and format of the journal / news article summary:
• Cover page : Student name, course number, date
• Introduction: Title of article on which you are reporting and the source of the article. Indicate if the article comes from a peer-reviewed journal or a secondary source.

• Summary: Summarize the focus of the article (do not rewrite the article). [5 points]
Include in the summary:
? What are the main take-away points from the article
? What sector of the health care system is involved or affected
? Why you selected the article

• Positive and Negative elements: [10 points]
? discuss the positive impacts on the U.S. health care system,
? discuss the negative aspects for the U.S. health care system

• Missing Information: Identify what information could/should have been included to provide you with additional information. If you review a research article do not focus on the elements of the research that are missing, focus on the article itself. What more should the author have included in the article which would have enhanced your understanding of the issue. [5 points]

• Attach a copy of the journal or news article. [1 point]

Summaries should not exceed 3 pages NOT counting the cover page. Submit the Journal Report to Canvas Assignments on the date indicated in the class schedule. Also submit a paper copy in class.

Guidelines for presenting the Journal Report
? 1”margins; font size no smaller than 11 pt.
? Double spaced
? Paginated
? Subtitled to present the required information (e.g., Introduction; Summary; etc.)
? Your name on each page
? Check your report against the grading rubric found on Canvas Files



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