journal entry about media bring your own thoughts

Journal Entry 4.1: Advertising permeates most aspects of our lives. With that in mind, here are a few questions for you to address in this journal entry:

  • Which particular advertisements have stuck with you over the years?
  • What is it that makes them so catchy?
  • Did the ad or ads influence you? In what ways?
  • How much of a part of the fabric of our everyday lives involves advertising?
  • Is this harmless, or do you see potential concerns?

Be sure that your entry is at least 250 words

Journal Entry 4.2: First question for this entry: How would you explain the practice of public relations to someone who had no idea what it was?

And a second question: It’s not uncommon for journalists to leave the profession of journalism and start a career in public relations. Among journalists this is often referred to as “going to the dark side.” Given our discussions and exploration of the news media so far this quarter, do you think that is a fair assessment? Why or why not?

Be sure to answer both questions!

Journal Entry 4.3: Define the term “neoliberalism.” Based on what you read about this in Hodkinson (check chapter 8), why is this concept important in understanding how media operate?

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