ITSD324 Unit 5 IP Essay Dissertation Help

Deliverable Length: 3–5 pages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You are about to deploy your software program, but before you do, you must create a plan for the support, maintenance, and upgrades of your program.

Create a 3–5-page plan that includes the following information:

*The types of support you plan to offer your users
*The type of support system you plan to implement
**Include the things you need it to keep track of and why.

*How you plan to receive and track each of the following change requests:
**Corrective maintenance
**Adaptive maintenance
**Perfective maintenance

How often you plan to provide major (SP) and minor (patches) upgrades
The reasoning behind the details of your upgrade plan
How you will distribute each type of upgrade to your users

*Discuss approach used to test the program and impacts on quality
*Describe measures to test effectiveness of software
*Explain how your plan to support, maintain and upgrade your program may impact testing

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