it policy and strategy discussion responses

I’ve provided two discussions that need to be responded separately. This week’s discussion is the following:’Write a summary of the case study that is about one page. Research and describe at least 3 technologies that could be used to support or enhance the business in the case study’.

1-)The case study I chose was that of Jimmy Beans Wool. This company started off as a smaller business in 2002, but by 2013 had seen their sales top $7 million. The company pursued an expansion policy that led to adding additional products, larger buildings, and more grandiose marketing strategies. The end result was that the company got away from those strategies that made them successful and who they were, and ended up taking large hits in their financial records.

After considering the type of business, where they started, and where they went, I have put together a few recommendations that I believe would be beneficial to the company. First, I have recommended a simple strategy consisting of launching live web shows and seminars. This strategy is to bring the company back to the youtube style days that brought them fame originally. The idea behind this is simple. The companies co-founder Ms Zander will resume her role leading these shows and participants will be encouraged to reserve a place to participate. At the time of reserving, the participants will be provided a link to purchase all materials that will be used during the shows. The cost is relatively simple and I have accounted for only the cost for 1gb/s internet speed to ensure no lag comes as a result of the burden placed upon the network by all other business functions.

The second recommendation is to utilize a web crawler to scour the internet and understand the current market conditions, wants, and desires of their potential consumers. This will enable the marketing strategies to be more focused towards their target market. Also, the company will be able to monitor web comments that may come as a result of new marketing campaigns to understand how they are being received. If a marketing campaign is being poorly received, that will be an indicator to end the campaign and save on any additional costs. The end result is a data fed marketing strategy that will enable the company to cut their marketing staff from 8 back down to the original 4, as well as identifying when to discontinue a poor marketing strategy early. Typical web crawlers are around $100 for the initial fee and then roughly $80 a month, which is called out in the ROI.

My final recommendation is that the company should invest in a data warehousing strategy. This strategy will enable the company to combine all of the systems that have been around since 2002 and maintain their data in a single location. This will enable the founders to have a strong understanding of the business without having to be directly involved in the day to day operations. Stronger reporting will lead to more informed decision making and lead to an increase in sales for the company. I have recommended the company utilize Microsoft Azure’s Data Warehouse and to begin with 300 DWU’s but then have accounted for an increase to 400 DWU’s as the companies data grows and the and number of individuals attempting to pull would ideally grow with overall company growth and expansion. The estimate of the results for the recommendations I have made are that the company would realize a 87.8% three year ROI.

2-)The case study that I chose is about a start-up company named Irrational Design in San Francisco, CA (Gardella, 2011). The two founders, Jared Cosulich and Adam Abrons, are trying to bring in revenues for their technology start-up company without the assistance of investors or venture capital (Gardella, 2011). Both founders admitted that they did not have enough time to complete the product development cycles for their three products and are currently paying their company’s bills using a part-time business (Gardella, 2011).

The first product is called The Matching Game, which is a dating game that matches users, however, the game is not currently able to provide a means for allowing the matched users to connect (Gardella, 2011). Insightster is an application that allows organizations to open the suggestion box channel through mobile technology (Gardella, 2011). The last product is called Secret Goals and mimics a blog where users can remain anonymous while they post about their individual goals (Gardella, 2011). Currently, none of these products are generating revenue and the founders do plan on charging users at some point in the future (Gardella, 2011).

I put together a few additional initial investments, benefits, and costs into the attached spreadsheet in the hopes that Irrational Design will reconsider its desire to not seek additional funding from investors and at the least raise more funding at the initial investment phase. Two additional initial investment costs that are applicable to this company include fundraising costs and consulting costs. There are also reduced overhead costs, reduced printing costs, and reduced overall productivity costs are benefits. Lastly, product development, market data and analysis, and professional services are my proposed added costs.

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