IT Paper2

Must Be Only 2 Pages


Need a two-page paper with APA sources


What business prospective are you writing from – Small business, Large Corporation


  1. What are the Pros & Cons for using a selected technology in your environment?
  2. What is the alternative to using this product / suite of products? (Does the web solution replace a traditional, accepted approach to the solution?)
  3. What is the cost of using this product? What is the cost of using an alternate product?

Pick any one of these topics



-Online backups

      WordPress

      Online office programs

      Online Presentation software

      Off-site email

      Off-site spam software

      Filtering software

      E-Faxing

      Online Accounting / Bookkeeping

      Video

      Video conferencing

      Electronic signatures

      Online Research

      Mobile


      Search

      History of the web

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