• From the first e-Activity, if you were given $100,000 to invest however you prefer, choose two (2) investments for your portfolio, and explain your reasons for choosing  them.
  • Given that Sally has never invested a dime but has chosen to begin an investment portfolio, identify the key steps she should take to begin creating her investment portfolio. Indicate at least two (2) key aspects of the securities market that she should consider when purchasing stocks, bonds, or other financial investments.

EActivity – Read the document on markets and investing titled “A Guide to the NYSE Marketplace” located at: Be prepared to discuss.

  • Go to the Federal Trade Commission Website and read, “Investments and Grants” articles located at: Next, take the Better Business Bureau’s online quiz, “Test Your Investment IQ” located at:–test-your-investment-iq-4759. Be prepared to discuss.
  • Watch the Chapter 11 Kiplinger video, “The Time Value of Money”, (1 min 41 s). Be prepared to discuss.
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