Introduction to urban studies Park La Brea


Introduction to urban studies

Park La Brea




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Park La Brea is certainly the largest apartment west of Mississippi River in Los Angeles. It is one of the best known apartments located right at the Mid-City. This unique housing respects the past reverence for its fantastic structural planning while mixing a rich list of luxuries, current components and stunning perspectives. The apartments has the feel of a private cabin, and each one of them opens onto a grassy courtyard. Park La Brea has managed to stay relevant in a city that appears to develop ever-young.

Amenities at the apartment buildings.

According to a Los Angeles Primer (Marshall, 2013), these apartments consists of ample parking, circular roads meant for cycling, a community library, a health club, an aerobics studio for training and body fitness, a pool, coffee stand, a dry cleaner to do the laundry works, a computer hall, a multimedia theatre, 24 hour courtesy patrol, courtyards, gated property access, multiple Wi-Fi garden café, on-site residents community garden, leasing offices and executive conference room.

Majority of people living in Park La Brea.

In 1970s, whites made up the largest group living in the apartments, making up approximately 95% of 7,000 residents. The biggest age group was above 65 years which represented more than half of the population. By the year 2010, the census count was nearly 12,000 residents, the whites were about 44% of the group, and the old aged (over 65 years) were represented by only 8%, a drastic drop from the 1970’s count.

Most of the population who lived in the Park La Brea in the year 2012 was mostly actors, actresses, artistic folks and business people on the top floor (Morison, 2012). There were never children. Recently, the apartments are filled with mixed ethnic groups, Asians make the second largest group representing 41% of the total population.


Effectiveness of site preservation.

Upon the construction of Park La Brea, it was designed only 18% of land used for buildings and a view out of every living room window into a large park. The other space was mainly for outdoor recreation. The elegance of the buildings offer a day to day interpretation of the colonial revival style.

The preservation plan documented to govern the land use and design in the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ). Park La Brea building designs maintains and enhances the historic integrity, sense of place and quality of life in the Los Angeles, preserve the neighborhood for future generations. The preservation plan ensures that new developments fit into existing architectural context, promotes cultural, social, economic and political history. Also it promotes awareness in the cultural and architectural preservation by use of preservation principles by providing clear guidelines rehabilitation, new construction and relocation of structures.


Qualification standards for one to qualify as a tenant.

Park La Brea’s tenants qualification standards states that; all occupants should be 18 years and over, complete an application whose information provided must be true, verifiable and accurate, a non-refundable screening fee of $40. They use the credit analysis model for proof of qualification and by providing your data in terms of resident history, your current rent to income ratio. The reports will be use to weigh the combination of income and risk thus their decision will be based on your legibility and aggregate score.

Applicants must provide a government issued photo of identification card, should verify their status in the United States. One should have a social security number. Foreign citizens on temporary basis should provide a copy of valid visas to cater for their lease legitimacy and agreement.

The applicant’s gross monthly income must 2.5 times the monthly rent; proof of income must be legal and also verifiable. All documents must be presented within 24 hours after paying a $500.00 application deposit.

Your credit/residence history is vital in that one has to provide a 2 years United State’s rental history. Automatic rejection of application will follow if they find out you had been evicted previously or you have debts. An applicant may be eligible if he/she has a guarantor who meet full approval and required to sign a guaranty agreement.

Comparison to other “tower in the park” developments at mid-century.

The 1940s Park La Brea Apartments have been cited as something that deviates from what is standard or expected in the story of mid-century modern housing in Los Angeles (Mumford et al, 1995).They have been used as a mark of large-scale speculative housing development. Developed in 1941 by a Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Park La Brea provide a distinct living culture. In contrast, those symbols have remained ill-defined and without critical attention. The relationship between its residents and the design shows a contrasting aspect of modern subjectivity. Their axial site plan and outward views promote an image of exposure and liability compared to other modern “tower in the park” developments.

In conclusion, we have seen that Park La Brea is a haven. Every Los Angeles resident dreams to live in the apartments. Elegance, style and class defines everything inside and surrounding Park La Brea apartments.

















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