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Research-9)-APP-Interpreting Cost-Benefit Analyses

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Instruction-(Research-9)-APPLICATION-Interpreting Cost-Benefit Analyses
Write in APA format, 12 font size, Times Roman
• As you evaluate the cost-benefit analysis of the program presented in the article, “A Cost-Benefit Study of a Breaking the Cycle Program for Juveniles.”
• Describe the key variables within the study and provide a summary of the analysis.
• Explain whether you would continue or discontinue the program, based on the evidence provided in the analysis, and why.
• As you formulate your answer, think about the advantages and disadvantages of continuing or canceling the program and the potential consequences for the affected
1 required resource listed below and 2 Outside Resource of your choices but must be Scholarly resources not just websites— see restrictions below
Cowell, A. J., Lattimore, P. K., & Krebs, C. P. (2010). A cost-benefit study of a breaking the cycle program for juveniles. Journal of Research in Crime and
Delinquency, 47(2), 241–262.

Choose any other resources that you wish use EXCEPT:

? DO NOT USE GOOGLE books..if I can not have access . if can download a pdf to wehere I have entire document to verify references, then good would be fine
? Do not start a sentence with It, When, For,And, Because or any Conjunctions, Participles, and write in Third person. Do not start any words that end “ing” per
instructor request.
? Please only use USA references not UK
? DO NOT USE any type of Wikipedia source. This is not a reliable source.
? Please add the website”http” reference so it is easy to find your resources that you used.
? Please do not put special links to “pull” reference/bibliography; example-EndNote’s Cite While You Write feature. Or any feature that automatically creates a link
from the citation to the bibliography I have had issues with other writer using some kind of software program to pull their references onto the Reference page. I have
to add my own references and if there are links I cannot edit. Thanks!


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