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Interpersonal Communication Assignment 2

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Objective: The application papers are designed to allow you to demonstrate your application of concepts
and/or theories to your everyday life. Specifically, it is your chance to make the course relevant to you! In
order to show that you have applied concepts correctly to everyday experiences, you should make sure to
define/explain concepts that you refer to and specifically indicate how aspects of the concept/theory relate to
the advice you provide.
Format: The assignment must fit on the front of a single sheet of paper!! Each paper must be typed,
single-spaced, and in APA format (6th ed.). You should provide a list of references at the bottom of the page
(APA style format) for all information referenced. Each application assignment is worth 6.67 points.
This section of the course deals with maintaining interpersonal relationships (i.e., friendships, self-disclosure
and topic avoidance, affectionate communication, attachment and love, dating and sexuality, and relational
maintenance and power). Below are a series of advice column questions. Please select one (1) of the
following questions to address in a one-page response. Please be sure to identify the question you are
answering in your written response.
Question #1 (Applicable Concepts: Dating and Sexuality)
I invited my date up to my place at the end of the evening. As soon as we got inside, he was all over me.
When I told him I didn’t want sex, he said, “Then why did you ask me in?” and stormed out. Do guys assume
an invitation inside always includes sex?
Question #2 (Applicable Concepts: Self-Disclosure, Topic Avoidance, Sexuality)
My partner and I have been together for over 15 years. We adopted a son together and recently he, an 8-yearold
boy, wanted to know what he should say to his friends about having two daddies (or mommies). We want
him to be open, but also realize that his friends might treat him differently. What should we do?
Question #3 (Applicable Concepts: Friendship, Affectionate Communication, Relational Maintenance)
My best friend of 18 years always called me “the sister she never had”. We live in the same city and used to
talk on the phone at least 5 to 10 times a day and got together frequently. About two years ago she and her
husband began divorce proceedings. I tried to be a supportive friend. I read everything I could on divorce,
bought her books, sent her cards, dropped off little gifts at her house, etc. About a year ago, my health began
to deteriorate due to multiple autoimmune issues, rendering me homebound. About this time, my friend
began disconnecting from me. I realized I was always the one calling her. The phone calls were always about
her divorce issues, she never got around to asking how I was. Should I maintain a relationship with her or
should I just let her go? Why is she not as supportive of me as I am of her?
Question #4 (Applicable Concepts: Topic Avoidance, Sexuality)
I have been dating this person for a couple of months and we are getting more and more physical with each
other. We have not had sex yet but it appears to be going that way. How can I bring up the topic of using
condoms with the person I’m dating? Should I wait to see if they mention it? What if my bringing it up
hurts our relationship?
Question #5 (Applicable Concepts: Affectionate Communication, Relational Maintenance)
When my boyfriend and I get into a fight he remains withdrawn for the rest of the day and isn’t as
affectionate as he usually is. I can’t help but worry I’ve ruined things and he’s having doubts about us. I
feel desperate for reassurance that we’ll be okay. I ask him to say something nice to make me feel better. He
tells me he loves me and we’ll be fine, but can I trust that what he’s saying is truly how he feels? He still
seems so distant and cold. Am I going to push him away by my need for reassurance?
Question #6 (Applicable Concepts: Attachment, Friends with Benefits Relationships)
I am attracted to one of my college friends. We went out last Saturday night, and I asked if he would like us
to be “more than friends.” He said, “No. We’re graduating in a few months, and I don’t want either of us to
become ‘attached.’” I asked him if he would like us to be “friends with benefits.” You know — friends who
show affection and who comfort each other, with no strings attached. He said OK as long as I promised there
would be no repercussions — then he kissed me. Abby, it was one of those kisses that if I had been standing
up, I would have fallen down! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that kiss. I know we’re going our
separate ways in a few months, and I think I can protect myself from becoming attached. On the other hand,
do you think I am setting myself up for a fall?

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