International business management ( country profile) Essay Research Help

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A copy of the marking rubric will be provided early next week. You may use this to help you prepare your report. The rubric will be used to assess and provide feedback on your work. Please note all assessment tasks are scored out of 100, and are then scaled to the percentage value of each assessment. Assignment 2 is worth 40% of the marks for the Unit.

Assignment 2 Checklist

A list of all the points you may need to consider in completing Assignment 2 is provided below.

This list is quite comprehensive: you may dismiss some of these points as not being important for the company and the country you are considering, but you should at least briefly think about them all.

Remember that for all of these points, the important thing is the effect they have on doing business. Providing only data is of limited value: analysing the data to find its likely impact on business is what matters. For example, from our study of Romania last year: “data shows that GDP per capita has been growing at 5-7% each year for 3-4 years”. Interesting perhaps, but what effect has it on business? Analysis of this leads to a conclusion “Thus in five years per capita income will probably be about one-third higher than at present, which suggests a good growth market for consumer goods”. Note: data first, then analysis of that data to reach a conclusion that highlights its direct relevance to business.

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