internationa op 5 assignmentt

please follow the instructions. you ll be continue working on a assignment i have attached. this is important.

For this assignment, you are looking at Phase 2 of the deliverable. This phase includes the development and submission of a working draft of the memo that was started . The memo must be three to four pages, thorough, and it must be well cited with current references to support key points.

As a firm considers expanding into another country, there are many things that must be resolved. It is useful to consider the five Ws and H: who, what, where, when, why, and how:

  • Why are we considering this expansion, and does it fit with our strategy and operations?
  • What are the tasks we will be doing in this country?
  • Where will we locate in the country?
  • Who should we involve in the planning of our move and the execution of this initiative?
  • When do we want these steps to be completed?
  • How do we proceed? What are the steps?

Of course, we must also outline the legal framework of the country we are looking to move goods into, including an assessment of how the World Trade Organization views the country from a trade perspective, what types of regional trade agreements may be in place, and the dispute resolution options open to us.

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