In the essay, please follow the instructions as below:

1. Give an example of how research on intergroup relations might lead to social justice and positive social change for individuals or families.

2. Explain two significant obstacles to applying intergroup relations research, and explain strategies you might apply to overcome each.

3. Explain one practical application in your community where you might use the strategies presented in this course to improve intergroup relations.
(For example, strategies like Decategorization, Recategorization, Mutual Differentiation, General Contact Hypothesis, or Cognitive treatment)

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources and the current literature.

Required Resources


  • Fiske, S. T., Gilbert, D. T., & Lindzey, G. (Eds.). (2010). Handbook of social psychology (5th ed., Vol. 2). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
    • Chapter 30, “Social Justice: History, Theory, and Research
  • Brewer, M. B. (1997). The social psychology of intergroup relations: Can research inform practice? Journal of Social Issues, 53(1), 197–211.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • King, M. L., Jr. (1968). The role of the behavioral scientist in the Civil Rights Movement. American Psychologist, 23(3), 180–186.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

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