Intercultural Relationships on the Spain Culture

Essay that must be 1,000-1,250 words

Continue your research on your selected culture topic by including examples of that culture throughout the paper. In addition, you may compare and contrast examples from other cultures as you find relevant.

1. Explain cultural factors that influence the development of ethical relationships in or between cultures.

2. Evaluate the different perspectives on the ethics of developing, maintaining, or ending relationships in members of different cultural groups.

3. Explain how differing cultural values and norms may influence conflict styles.

4. Give specific illustrations that show different conflict styles of people from different cultures.

Prepare this assignment using APA Style Manual; Title page and references page are required, but are not included in the paper’s word count. An abstract is not required.

Section headers are recommended, paper should have a total of 6 sections including an introduction, the 4 sections listed above, and a conclusion.

Project must have a minimum of 8-9 scholarly/credible sources (average of 2 sources per section).

Paper must be written in academic tone and third person.

I have attached my previous paper that was written in regards to Culture and Perception on the Spanish of Spain. Our professor is now requiring us to write an essay on Intercultural Relationships based off the culture we chose which I chose the Spanish Culture of Spain. I also have attached the rubric that the proffessor will grade by for additional assistance.

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