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Intercultural Communications analysis
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In this assignment you will be given a specific scenario of intercultural communication (The Example is included in the link below, titled: Major Assignment One Example). Your job is to discuss this example using 5 concepts you will learn from the first three weeks of the course. This assignment is intended to satisfy the first learning goal of the course:

1) Students should be able to identify and describe key concepts and theories related to intercultural communication.

Identification and description is an important first stage in the learning process. However, you should not merely stop at stating that something is an example of a course concept (identification) but provide enough explanation and description to give us a true understanding of how the example is a fitting representation of the concept. The old adage is “don’t tell me – show me.” By this we mean provide enough evidence to make the comparison between the example and concept clearly evident.

Your analysis should proceed as follows:

1. Write an introductory paragraph that gives a brief description of the scenario and introduces the course concepts you will use to discuss the scenario

2. Write subsequent paragraphs that address each of your course concepts and how each relates to the scenario. Start each paragraph by clearly defining the course concept (including the bibliographic reference), then apply the concept to analyze what happened in the scenario. Include actual data from the scenario to support your claim. HOWEVER, ONE OF YOUR CONCEPTS MUST BE SHIBBOLETH SCHEMA! Also, I strongly suggest you consider intersectionalities in your response. The two primary characters share some identity categories, but also have some different identity categories.

3. Write a concluding summary paragraph.
here are the links to the examples:

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