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Intelligence Sharing At Airports

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TOPIC : Intelligence Sharing At Airport

1- IATA is the main Org you will depend on to conduct the proposal
2- EU is also might involve a bit in topic chosen
3- you can also choose any trusted officially Org involved in this topic

Please see the attached and below per the proposal. The paper that you will complete, should also reflect the proposal. Therefore please try to complete the proposal in as much as possible
reflecting the current needs of the paper.

Here are the issues you need to be aware of to include at your proposal:

1. Clear Title/Short and to the point.
2. Introduction to the Proposal (What are we to see below). Short and to the point: 1,2,3,4.
3. Clear Argument and then statement/Questions to be raised or to be answered.
4. Definition of terminologies that will be or are expected to be used.
5. A Proposed contents page that you may have in your thesis (this may change according to the development of the paper)
6. Timeframe of processes (Conduct collections interviews, meetings, writing procedures).
7. Literature review : Quantitative information (Books, journals periodicals you might use to support this argument some generic) more specialised and at lest 10 literature review accordingly.
8. Any qualitative information? Will you conduct interviews and or speak over experienced people? Any questionnaires?
” The answer is i don’t want to conduct interviews or questionnaires”
9. Any possible uses of charts/maps? Any companies associated with the topic? you can relay on IATA, EU or any other official org.
10. Expected outcomes: what do you expect to prove and what will be its validity /contribution to academia
11. What will we learn from (expected to the proposal only) are you going to recommend issues?
12. Concluding remarks on the Proposal only where you will inform the reader that this is a proposal for consideration which explains what you aim to develop/research and evidently analyze and

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