In the Unit 4 IP, you wrote a paper that described how your original ideas and plans for your dissertation research were refined and changed once you came to Symposium and attended the workshops and discussed them with the faculty. Now you need to create a draft of your dissertation research plan that specifically spells out your current ideas for your topic/title and Trio of problem, purpose and research question. Add to this what you know about the gap in the literature related to your problem, what you are working on as your Conceptual Framework (you can describe in words or produce a graphic), and your hypothesis and ideas for your research methodology.

Be sure to add a conclusion paragraph to your paper to sum things up!

While you may refine these elements of the Dissertation Framework over the next year of your program, preparing this document will be very helpful as you continue to work on your annotated bibliography and literature review. In the RES861 course, you will be preparing your Prospectus, which includes these elements. Starting with this paper, you will have a plan to continue making progress over the next year and be ready for RES861.

The cover and reference pages are not included in the 2–3 pages of this paper.

All submissions must be in APA format using Times New Roman and 12-point font.

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