individual paper about company kaivac

This is a 10 pages, double space analysis paper about Kaivac

So I’m having a team project to analysis a company called Kaivac, here is their website. Kaivac is a new company that having a hard time to find different Marketing Channels. According to their CEO, They are having a price advantage, but in the mean time, customers are still concerning with their quality because most of their products are made by plastic( they said it’s solid and it’s good condition for cleaning). You can go to their website to view more information, they got pretty much everything on the website. Product’s price may be differently considering they usually sell their products to the distributor with discounts.

I’ve also got some information from my group for you to view, we all take a different parts of the project and I was doing the Our Their Marketing Leaders and Competitive Analysis. They put their names on each part they are responsible.

The guide is the first picture I upload, this paper needs to be done before Monday’s 12 o’clock in the morning .

I’ve got more pictures in the google doc, I will upload it later when you accept this work

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