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Review the following Learning Team assignments:

  • Analog and Digital Comparison Paper
  • Protocol Paper
  • Hardware and Software Paper

Consider how the information presented in each assignment applies to your chosen Virtual Organization.

Write a cumulative 10- to 12-page paper incorporating your prior work. Solve the design problems of your Virtual Organization. Illustrate all network design using Microsoft® Visio® or Toolwire®.

the following in your paper:

  • Include a final network design.
  • Include a timeline for the project.
  • Explain the design approach and rationale.
  • Analyze the detailed design.
  • Prove that the design meets the data rate requirements.
  • Analyze the existing security situation in the organization.
  • Identify the predominant electronic and physical threats to communications networks.
  • Explain the importance of explicit enterprise security policies and procedures.
  • Describe potential threat detection and protection techniques.
  • Explain the importance of explicit enterprise security policies and procedures.
  • Describe how firewalls mitigate some network attack scenarios.
  • Describe common security concerns inherent to wired, wireless, and mobile networking.
  • Design a security hardware and software environment that will protect the organization.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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