in what ways should the concepts of the pygmalion effect self fulfilling prophecies and the power of expectations inform our catholic practice of servant leadership in other words how should these ideas shape our approach to leadership as a form of se

After listening the au and reading chapter 4 of “The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus,” please respond to both case-study questions prior to the live session with Deacon Dozier.

Read this article from the Harvard Business Review: Pygmalion in Management

Answer these questions:

  1. In what ways should the concepts of the Pygmalion Effect, Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, and the Power of Expectations inform our Catholic practice of Servant Leadership? In other words, how should these ideas shape our approach to leadership as a form of service in our organizations?
  2. Identify two or three examples from personal experience (either positive or negative) of these concepts as applied to leadership.
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