in this assignment you will focus on the single published instrument of assessment measurement the child who is the target participant in the case study the area of development and the information synthesized from the journal articles module 1

Evaluating an Assessment/Measurement In this assignment, you will focus on the single published instrument of assessment/measurement, the child who is the target participant in the case study, the area of development, and the information synthesized from the journal articles. (Module 1).

In relation to the child identified as the target participant and the selected developmental area, you will decide what the instrument will be used to measure, how it will be measured, who will conduct the assessment/measurement, and examples of the instrument’s use. You will relate what you learned from the journal articles to your analysis of the instrument and its application.

You will assemble the case study in a slide presentation with audio appropriate for sharing with early childhood practitioners to illustrate best practices in the use of an assessment/measurement instrument.

Course Objectives • Explain the purposes of observation and assessment for young children • Identify guidelines for developmentally appropriate observation and assessment for young children. • Determine the appropriateness of observation and assessment tools for a specific purpose and developmental level. • Demonstrate knowledge of standardized, play-based, and observation assessment options and the appropriate use with young children. • Describe the process for gathering, interpreting, and disseminating assessment data for very young children. • Describe effective strategies to conduct observation and documentation.

Directions: 1) Save and print the Module 2 Application. 2) Create a 10-slide presentation (including title and references slide) with audio to share your case study. 3) Use APA (6th edition) format for the references slide and in-text citations. 4) The slide presentation should contain the following: • Title slide • Introduction of target participant to audience. Refer to the child by initial rather than name; for example, R instead of Robert or Child 1.

Include the child’s demographic, personal/home, and educational information. • Rationale for instrument selection • Aspects of the instrument and evidence-based support for best practices o The participant’s developmental area o What related to the developmental area the instrument will measure o How the developmental area will be measured o Who will conduct the assessment/measurement? Why this person? o Examples of how the instrument may be used • Concluding slide wrapping up best practices • References slide 5) Add audio to the slide presentation. Be sure the slides are in summary/presentation format (not paragraph format). Include bullet points, visuals, pictures, and/or graphics where appropriate. Use the audio to explain and expand upon the information on each slide. 6) Follow the directions to submit your final slide presentation.

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