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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an approach of managing information in an efficient, profitable and flexible manner. It helps in bringing all processes under one roof and thereby makes it easier for management to make better and informed decisions.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps a DSO (Dental Service Organization) to have a database of all its clients (various dental offices) in one system. This helps different department within the organization as explained. For Human Resources, it supports in keeping a track of employees and in utilizing them to their full potential. It also assists in creating strategies for recruiting and analyzing data to understanding trends like cost per hire, time per hire, diversity hiring, rate of retention, etc. This helps the businesses in finding the right talent and increasing the retention rate. This leads to increasing the overall productivity of dental offices as offices do not have to invest time in training new personnel and also exceptional patient experience is achieved if they see a consistency in the staff. HR can now make checks, automatic deposit and ensure that people are properly trained before being assigned to a job. The inventory needed for all offices can be stored at one place and orders can be placed in bulk thereby reducing cost and as a result increasing the profitability (Gattiker, & Goodhue, 2005). From sending purchase orders for supplies, tracking inventory and shipment to making payment to vendors everything can be accomplished by one click within one system. From a marketing and sales team’s perspective, ERP helps in distributing the team’s territories and commissions based on performance (Shoemaker, 2003). Reports generated from these software’s can be used in creating scalability and a live dashboard can help in making quick and informed decisions (Gefen, 2004). Finally, clients can stay connected to the portal via exchange 365 and receive live updates.

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