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Leadership styles and effectiveness


Using the internet, research about the following:


Different leaders who you consider effective


Effective leaders in the health industry


Leadership challenges in the health industry


Based on your research and understanding, complete the following tasks:


Identify five leaders of today, one of each of the following styles:












For each chosen leader:


List and describe the characteristics that made you select them.


Identify and define the contemporary leadership style they employ.


List and explain the major characteristics of the contemporary leadership style. Explain with examples.


Explain if this style is effective or ineffective for the leaders you’ve chosen.


Define emotional intelligence including the five components of emotional intelligence, its relationship to successful leadership, and whether your selected leaders have it or lack it.


Explain each leader’s situational leadership capabilities. Give an example where they demonstrated their situational leadership capabilities.


Select one of your chosen leaders to be your manager, and explain why you chose that leader.


Suppose you are a leader in a healthcare industry, which is facing fast and immediate change. Which of the contemporary leadership styles do you believe are best suited to healthcare leaders to manage that change? Why?


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