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In general, the review should be between 500-1000 words long. § The structure is that of an essay (introduction – main body – conclusion). § Start with the most obvious information, e.g. author(s) / editor(s), their affiliation, publisher, year of publication, which edition it is, if it is a textbook or a research text. § In an introduction paragraph briefly summarise what the book is all about – reading the blurb at the back of the book cover might be useful for this … § Provide an overview of the structure of the book (look at the content page!) § Highlighting particular features, e.g. the use of case studies, the text’s international focus, the inclusion of review questions after each chapter, if there are many diagrams / photos / maps, if the book is well indexed. § Discuss in more detail a particular aspect featured in the book and evaluate the way the author(s)’ have approached / presented this aspect. You can, for example, use quotations from the book to illustrate your point. Remember, you are not to discuss the content of the book as such, but assess the way it is presented! § Summarise your assessment (e.g. appraisal of the book’s strengths and weaknesses) and conclude with a recommendation or otherwise to your fellow students.

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