I need a five-paragraph essay of about 500 words on the following topic.

The paper should have a one-paragraph introduction that engages the reader’s interest and presents the thesis statement to be developed in your essay; three supporting paragraphs, each with a topic sentence; and a short concluding paragraph consisting of a summary and a final thought.

Many students have trouble with their college studies because they don’t like to read. On the other hand, students who have formed a love of reading can usually handle college assignments very well. Are you a reader? Do you enjoy nothing more than sitting down with a newspaper, magazine, or book? Or do you usually read only when you have to—-for a college or work assignment? Think carefully about the reasons why you do or don’t enjoy reading. Then write an essay that fully EXPLAINS THREE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT REASONS WHY YOU FEEL THE WAY YOU DO. PLEASE PLAGIARISM-FREE.

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