human resource 4

You as suppose to do the individual assignment of 1000 words. I have attached group assignment and the assignment brief that will be helpful to you. Do let me know if you need any help while doing the assignment. I am sending you a second mail with all the lecture slides.



Me , Shaikha and Anubhav Jain have collectively decided the assignment topic as Recruitment and selection. Then i have formed a chat group so that all the group member can chat collectively and decide on the meeting dates and other vital information regarding assignments. It was been randomly decided by all the group members that each and every member of the group will work on Recruitment and selection process of their country. As I am from India so i have worked on Colgate and Sheela Consultant. Finally when everyone was ready with their data and research I took the initiative to form the script. Shaikha have worked on Saudi Aramco, Shenhao Liu have worked on 56 city(company name) , Anubhav Jain have worked on Introduction, conclusion, referencing, and also helped me to form a script. Finally I have worked on India company Colgate and Sheela consultants.”
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