hrm 6 questions250 words each questionapa formatcited sources 0



Please remember to submit all written assignments in accordance with APA writing style and include in text references and bibliography. Sources should NOT be confined to the text. 250 words a question.


  1.  What is employee involvement?  What are some of the benefits of involving employees in the organization?


  2.   How would you go about increasing involvement in a plant that assembled toys?  In a law firm? In a mail-order catalog organization?


  3. Why is it that so many potential and present employees are unfamiliar with the benefit plan offered by an organization?


  4. When and why was the Occupational Safety and Health Act passed?  Describe some of the provisions of this act.


  5. Why is it important for organizations to provide informational programs about AIDS?


  6. What are some of the tips that managers should be aware of when developing safety programs that work?


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