How does human cloning compare with other reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization, hormone treatments, or other forms

How does human cloning compare with other reproductive technologies such as in vitro Do you feel that cloning should be allowed:fertilization, hormone treatments, or other forms? Pick one or two of the topics below to discuss in your original discussion post. Make sure you include scientific terms from the unit to support your statements. Your response to another person should be about a different topic than the one you discussed.

  • As a way for two parents who both carry the gene for a severe genetic disease and who will not accept abortion of an affected fetus to have a genetically related child guaranteed to be free of the disease?
  • As a way for parents to be able to choose many characteristics of their children, including gender, hair and eye color, metabolic rate (i.e., the tendency to be overweight), and IQ?
  • As a way to “bring back” a child who was killed accidentally?
  • As a way to “bring back” an important or influential person (e.g., Albert Einstein or John F. Kennedy)?
  • As a way to generate cells that could help heal a person suffering from a severe brain or spinal cord injury?
  • As a way to generate new heart tissue for a person suffering from severe heart disease—tissue that would not require immune suppressants to fight rejection because it would be genetically identical to the rest of the body?
  • As a way to allow new types of research into cures for diseases?
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