-Hormone Replacement Therapy and Associated Rick of Stroke in Postmenopausal Women

I’ve posted two articles


1-Hormone Replacement Therapy and Associated Rick of Stroke in Postmenopausal Women


2- Use Alendronate and Risk of Incident Atrial Fibrillation in Women


Choose one of the two articles and answer the questions below. Aim at being clear and concise. Answer the questions in a short way while giving enough/relevant information to fully answer the question



1. What is the title of the article you chose? 0 points

2. How were cases and controls selected? Any evidence of selection bias? 15 points

3. How were disease and exposure measured? Any evidence of measurement bias? 15 points

4. What are possible confounders in this study? Were confounders addressed in the study? 15 points

5. Can some of the study findings be due to chance? Was the study powered to observe a difference if one existed? 15 points

6. Any concerns with internal validity? 15 points

7. Any concerns with external validity? 15 points

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