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Independent Reading Assignment

Independent Reading Essay: Narrative
Throughout the semester you will read at least one book of your choice independently. You will have some class time to read, but you will probably need to read outside of class, too. Be sure that your book’s complexity matches your ability level. Also be sure that your book is school appropriate. If in doubt, ask me. After reading a book of your choice, follow the directions below to write a two-page essay. Be sure to turn in this essay by the end of the semester.
What to include
Basic Information: Start the essay by telling your reader the author’s name, a short biography of the author, the title of the book, the genre of the book, and a short (no more than 1 paragraph) summary of the book
Character Information: Identify the main character and explain whether he/she is a static character or a dynamic character. Explain why he/she does or does not change, and explain the change. In this paragraph, use two quotes that show something significant about the character. Explain how the quotes show the character’s development (if he/she is dynamic) or how the quotes show the character’s unchanging nature (if he/she is static).
Thematic Information: Identify one thematic concept central to this book, and then devise a thematic statement that communicates the book’s message about the thematic concept. After doing so, explain why the thematic concept is central to the book and explain how the author communicates the thematic statement.
Personal Reflection: Select a few of the following questions to answer in your reflection:
Did you like this book? Why or why not?
Are you glad you read it? Why or why not?
Would you recommend the book?
To whom would you recommend it? What type of reader would like this book?
What did you learn while reading the book?
What surprised you while reading the book?

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