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Write an essay answering any of the following questions. Please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page (same as in the syllabus).
1. Compare and contrast the representation of “the city” and urban life any three movies that we have watched this quarter (this may include films by Wong Kar-wai and other directors as well). For
example, what is the role of Hong Kong (or Tokyo, as in “Lost in Translation,” or New York, as in “Mean Streets”) itself in these movies (would you say that the city is itself a character in the
movies?)? What is the role transportation, public housing, and Hong Kong identity before and after the handover? Y

2. Describe the impact of gangster films on the works of Wong Kar-wai. Be sure to go beyond what we’ve touched upon in class to talk about any aspect of gangster film traditions in Wong’s movies in
greater detail.
3. Research and discuss scholarly approaches to love, romance, time, music, erotics, and/or fashion in the films of Wong Kar-wai. Select appropriate articles from the supplementary reading lists,
and review what the authors have to say. Compare and contrast them as necessary, and add your own opinion. You could talk about sexuality; about nostalgia;

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