history need essay least 3 pages plus 5 works cited leastprompt analyze identify and discuss


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The American Character


Prompt: Analyze, identify and discuss elements and experiences that define the
character of America using three of the following topics:


economic, religious, social, intellectual, and artistic


Using anything from our class (use elements from English III as well) and research,  you
synthesize elements to create an
answering the


Please think historically and find content (names, events, statistics, quotes) that support your thesis.



You may pull items of content from any
theme (Democracy/Nationalism, Equality, Power) but focus primarily on the last theme of Character. 


essay will be worth 45
points (See rubric)


Create a works cited page at least 5 sources
Sample Thesis:


Thesis: Although there are a plurality of traits and features that have shaped the modern American character such as religion and innovation
backlash against hypocrisy through actions of rebellion transformed our democracy.
, there is a focus towards consumerism and wealth which has been paralleled with a
focus on individual freedom and accomplishment. Thus rebelliousness, consumerism and individual freedom have been the most integral in shaping our character.


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