Hereditary Diseases and Genetics

You will be researching and discussing one of the hereditary disorders listed below. To learn which disorder you have been assigned, check your in-course e-mail.

Locate a journal article on the hereditary disorder assigned to you. Using the unit’s assigned readings and the journal article, describe the disorder and provide a critique of the journal article. Then, based on your understanding of hereditary disorders and your knowledge of the nature-versus-nurture controversy, evaluate the possible benefits, limitations, and ethical concerns of genetic counseling coming from the prospectus of someone in the helping professions with a focus on your specific specialization.



The disorder i’ve been assigned to research and discuss on is Polygenic disorders (Muscular dystrophy).

Use the following critique guidelines:


  1. The clarity of the description of the hereditary disease.
  2. The ability to apply theory to practice.
  3. The credibility of the references.
  4. The structure and style of the written post.
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